Facebook Messenger calls have got end-to-end encryption support

Facebook Messenger is planning to add endto-end encryption for voice and video calls. The company has also updated the controls for disappearing messages. Facebook announced this in a blog post. They said that people want their messaging apps to be very secure as well as private and with these new features Facebook is giving them more control over how much private they want their calls as well as chats to be.

In 2020, there was a big boom in the use of audio and video calls with more than 150 million video calls a day on Messenger. At the moment, only one-on-one text chats were end-to-end encrypted and now it will also be available for calls. This means nobody including Facebook can see or listen to what has been sent or said. End-to-end encryption is most widely used by app like WhatsApp in order to keep personal conversation safe from the hackers. According to Facebook, E2EE is the industry standard and it works like a lock and key where only the ones engaged in chat or call have the access to the conversation. Apart from this, Facebook has also updated the expiring message feature. There are new timer controls which allow someone to decide when their messages expire in the chat.

Apple iPhone 13 to feature Pro-focused camera, ProRes video recording feature

Apple Inc is planning to come up with three major camera and video recording features for it’s future iPhone lineup. Iphone 13 will feature a video version of the phone=s Portrait mode. It is the ability to record video in high quality format known as ProRes. It will also include a new filter-like system that enhances the look as well as color of the photos. Iphone 13 has its main focus on the camera features and are seen as the main selling point.

Apart from the camera enhancements, the new iPhone will get more updates. Apple totally revamped the design, added 5G wireless networking as well as an updated camera hardware last year. This year, iPhone will retain the same 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch regular sizes. The Pro screen dimensions will remain 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch. The new set of phones will include a faster A15 chip and a smaller notch which is known as display cutout. It also include new screen technology that enables a faster refresh rate for smooth scrolling.

The Portrait mode was first introduced in iPhone 7 Plus in 2016 and it become an instant hot. The feature can put the wanted object in a sharp focus while blurring the background which is known as the bokeh effect. Apple is planning to use the same technoque into video content a feature known as Cinematic Video. Just like in photos, Apple’s iPhone’s depth sensor will create the effect and let the users change the blur amount after the recording is completed. There is a new feature known as ProRes video-recording which will allow iPhone users to record the clips in a higher-quality which will help the editors in post-production. ProRes will allow you to record videos in HD and 4K resolutions on the future iPhones.

There is another which will allow the users to control the look of the colors and highlights in their photos in a better way. Users can select from several styles to apply to their photos which include showing colors at either a warmer or cooler temperature while keeping the white neutral. There will be another option which will add a more dramatic look with deeper shadows and more contrast. The new iPhones which are codenamed D16, D17, D63 and D64 are some of the new devices which are about to launch in the coming months. Apple is also working on revamped MacBook Pros with in-house chips likely to be dubbed M1X, a revamed iPad mini and also an entry-level iPad for students. The company is also looking for new Apple Watches as well as entry-level AirPods.

Xiaomi is planning to Introduce 200W Fast Charging in 2022

Xiaomi is known for the fast charging technology in the smartphones. They are leading the race at the moment and they want to be the leader in fast charging technology for as long as possible. Recently the company has introduced 120W fast charging in different smartphones over the last year and they are now planning to add 200W fast charging next year.

According to a report, the mass production of Xiaomi’s 200W fast charging technology will start by June 2022. The 200W fast charging technology will feature on the smartphone in the same year as well. The report says that Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 5 could be the first ever phone to feature this technology and it may launch in 2022.

the 200W HyperCharge technology of Xiaomi can charge a 4,000 mAh battery up to 50% in just 3 minutes. The battery can be fully charged in just 8 minutes. Xiaomi’s 120W wireless charging technology can charge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 15 minutes.

Xiaomi is also planning to launch two more top smartphones in 2022. Xiaomi will focus on camera technology and next-generation display. Mi Mix series is famous for it’s experimental technology as well as some innovative solutions when it comes to the material of the phone, cameras and displays.

Working with Tables in MS Access

In MS Access there are four types of database objects in Access and tables are the most important one of them. Even of you are working with forms, reports and queries you are still working on the tables as all the data is stored in tables. Tables play a critical part on database and understanding the tables in MS Access is of utmost importance. In this tutorial you will learn how to open tables, create and edit record.

Basics of Tables:

Opening an Existing Table:

First of all open you database and then locate the Navigation pane.

  • In the Navigation pane you need to locate the table you need to open.
  • Now double click on the desired table.
  • The table will open and will appear as a tab in the Document Tabs bar.
Understanding the Tables:

All of the tables are composed of the horizontal rows as well as vertical columns with the small rectangles which are known as cells in the places where the columns and rows intersect. In MS Access, rows and columns are reffered to as records and fields. Afield is a way of organizing the information by type. Think of the field name as a question and then every cell within that field as response to that question. Arecord is one unit of information and each cell on a given row is part of that row’s record. Each record has got it’s own ID number. Within the table each ID number is unique to its record and refers to all of the information within the record. The ID number for record can not be changed.

Navigating within tables:
  • The bar at the bottom of the table has got various commands to help you search it scroll through records.
  • In order to navigate through records in a table, you can use the up and down arrow keys, scroll up and down or use the arrows in the Record Navigation bar which is located at the bottom of your table.
  • You can create a new record with the new record command on the Record Navigation bar.
  • You can find any record in currently open table by simply searching for it using the record search box. You need to place your cursor in the search box, type any word that you need to find and then press Enter key.

Adding Records and Entering Data:

Entering the data into tables in MS Access to entering the data in Excel. In order to work with records you will need to enter the data into cells. If you require any help by entering the data into records.

To Add a New Record

For adding your new record you need to follow these steps.

  • In the Records group located on the Home tab you are required to click the New command.
  • On the Record Navigtion bar at the bottom of the window. Now you need to click the New record button.
  • Now you are required to begin typing in the row below your last added record.
To Save a Record

For saving a record you need to follow these steps.

  • First of all you need to select the Home tab and locate the Records group.
  • Now you need to click the Save command and the record will be saved.

Editing the Records:

In order to quickly edit any record within the table you can click it and type your changes. MS Access llows you find and replace a word within different records and the delete the records completely.

Replacing a word within a record

For replacing a word within a record you need to follow these steps.

  • First of all you need to select Home tab and then locate the Find group.
  • Now you need to select Replace command. The Find and Replace dialog box will appear.
  • In the Find What: field you are required to type the word you need to find then in the Replace With: field type the word you need to replace the original word with.
  • Click the Look In: drop-down arrow to select the area you need to search. You can select Current field to limit your search to currently selected field. You need to select Current document to search within the whole table.
  • Click the Match: drop-down arrow to select how closely you had like the results to match your search.
  • Select Any Part of Field to search for your search term in any of the cell.
  • Now select Whole Field to search only for the cells that match your search term exactly.
  • Now you need to Select of Field to search only cells that start with the search term.
  • Now you need to click Find Next. If the text is found it will be selected.
  • Now click Replace to replace the original word with the new one.
  • MS Access will move to the next instance of the text in the object.

Integer Data Type in C Language

In C language the primary data types are of three types which are char, int and float. These primary data types can further be of several types like a char can be unsigned char or signed char. An int can be short int or long int.


C language provides a variations of the integer data type that will provide what is know as long or short integer values. These variations are provided for providing integers with different ranges wherever possible. There is no rule but generally short and long integers would occupy two and four bytes respectively. Every compiler can decide appropriate sizes which depends on the operating system and hardware for which it is being written. Long variables which has got long integers are declared by using the keyword long like in

long int i ;

long int abc ;

long integers can cause the program to run slowly but the range of the values that we can use is expanded greatly.

Short integers needs less space in the memory and they are declared as

short int j ;

short int height ;

C language lets you use abbreviation of short int to short and of long int to long. So the declaration that have been made above can be rewritten as

long i ;

long abc ;

short j ;

short height ;

This short-cut is preferred by most of the programmers.

Integers, signed and unsigned:

Sometimes a programmer already know that the value that has been stored in the gven integer variable will always be positive when it is used for counting things alone. In such scenarios you can declare variable to be unsigned like in,

unsigned int num_students ;

With this declaration the permissible integer values will be doubled. Like for 16-bit OS the range will shift from -32768 – +32768 to the range 0-65535. An unsigned integer occupies two bytes. You can declare an unsigned integer like this

unsigned int i ;

unsigned i ;

What is Function in C Language

A function is a self contained block of statements that perform logical task. C program is actually a collection of these functions. Using a function means hiring a perosn for a specific task.

  • A C program must have at least one function.
  • If a C prgram has more than one function then one of these functions has to be main() because execution of program begins with main().
  • There is no limit on the number of functions that might be present ina C program.
  • Each of the function is a program is called in sequence specified by the function calls in main().
  • After every function has performed it’s duty, control returns to main(). When main() runs out of the function calls the program ends. The main() function calls othe functions which will in return call other functions. You need to trace carefully the way control passes from one function to another.
  • A function gets called when the function name is followed by semicolon. For example





  • A function will be defined when the function name is followed by a pair of braces in one or more statements may be present.

argentina( )


statement 1 ;

statement 2 ;

statement 3 ;


  • Any function can be called from any other function. Even main() can be called from any other function. Even the main() can be called from any other function.
  • You can call any function for any number of times.
  • The order of the functions defined in a prgram and the order in which they get caleed necessarily be same.
  • A function can call itself like a procsss is called ‘recursion’.
  • A function can be called from other function but you can not define a function in another function.
  • A function has two types (i) Library functions (ii) User-defined functions

Loops in C Language

A computer is a versatile device because it has got the ability to perform a set of the instructions repeatedly. This will involve some recurring portions of a program either a defined number of times or until a particular condition is satisfied. This recurring operation is completed through a loop control instruction.

There are three different methods which allows you to repeat a part of the program.

  • Using for statement
  • Using a while statement
  • Using a do-while statement

The while Loop

The while loop is suited for the cases where repetitive tasks are required. It is a control flow statemnt that lets the codes to be executed on recurring basis on the given Boolean condition. This loop consists of block of the code and a constion or expression. The condition is then evaluated and if the condition is true the code will execute till the condition becomes false.

The for Loop

The for Loop is the most popular instruction. This loop lets you to specify three things about a loop in a single line.

  • Setting a loop counter to an initial value.
  • Testing the counter of loop in order to determine whether the value has reached number of repitions desired.
  • Incresing the loop counter value every time the program segment within the loop is executed.

For statement’s genral form is as under:


do thus;

and this;

and this;


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