Realme Watch 2 Pro review

Realme is covering all the price segments in the wearable category and enhancing the user experience slowly and steadily. The company has introduced a new smartwatch i.e. Realme Watch 2 Pro that provides all the basic fitness tracking features. It has got all the good things that you need. Thus smartwatch has lots of resemblance with Apple Watch SE. it has got a very impressive built quality and it is also lightweight. It is very comfortable to wear this smartwatch all day even while sleeping.

Realme has come up with the standard design which is a square display with bezel around it. The straps can be swapped according to your preferences. This smartwatch is IP68 rated which means it can handle water splashes but you need to be careful and not wear it while swimming. Realme Watch 2 Pro has got 1.75-inch touchscreen display which is very responsive. It has got a sharp as well as bright display, however the sunlight eligibility is not that impressive. All the messages are displayed in big font which are easy to read while you are running.

Realme Watch 2 pro can easily monitor your SpO2 (Blood Oxygen level) easily. The watch has come up with the same result as on the Oximeter which does not happen with most of the smartwatches. This watch can also monitor your heart rate continuously. You have the choice you change the heart rate reading time but the app only displays the data on hourly basis which is a negative point. It has also got a built-in GPS so your distance traveled data will be authentic. It has also got sleep tracking and you can get detailed data on light, deep as well as REM sleep cycles. With the 24-hours heart rate monitoring the watch can report your heart rate readings while you are sleeping.

Realme Watch 2 Pro allows you to re-arrange the app and tiles on watch which makes it very simple to access your desired tile or any other content. You can get loads of unique watch faces which is impressive but you are allowed to download seven designs at a time. However you can remove the old ones and then add new watch faces which you like.

Realme Watch 2 Pro delivers two weeks battery life and it is on point if you don’t use ‘Raise to Wake’ feature and also too much GPS exercise tracking. This watch shows only 6-7 notifications and it clears the old ones automatically in order to make space for the new messages. During the workout, this watch does not allow you to change the music when it is tracking an activity. It has not got ambient sensor so you need to adjust the brightness levels in different lighting conditions which can be annoying at times. It has also not got Always-on Display (AOD) which has been skipped in order to offer a better battery life.