Facebook Messenger calls have got end-to-end encryption support

Facebook Messenger is planning to add endto-end encryption for voice and video calls. The company has also updated the controls for disappearing messages. Facebook announced this in a blog post. They said that people want their messaging apps to be very secure as well as private and with these new features Facebook is giving them more control over how much private they want their calls as well as chats to be.

In 2020, there was a big boom in the use of audio and video calls with more than 150 million video calls a day on Messenger. At the moment, only one-on-one text chats were end-to-end encrypted and now it will also be available for calls. This means nobody including Facebook can see or listen to what has been sent or said. End-to-end encryption is most widely used by app like WhatsApp in order to keep personal conversation safe from the hackers. According to Facebook, E2EE is the industry standard and it works like a lock and key where only the ones engaged in chat or call have the access to the conversation. Apart from this, Facebook has also updated the expiring message feature. There are new timer controls which allow someone to decide when their messages expire in the chat.