MacBook Pro could be equipped with an Apple Pencil in the future

Apple has filed a patent which suggests that the future MacBooks could be equipped with Apple Pencil along with a compartment above the keyboard in order to store it. The new design replaces a large touch bar with a smaller one on the right while using real state in order to house Apple Pencil.

The new design provides a good idea of how design could look like if and when it is implemented finally. This is still not official at the moment and we may see some changes in it when it finally launches. It is not necessary that the design and patent gets implemented in the real product as it has happened with loads of patents.

Apple has recently added mini-LED display panels on the MacBook Pro. There are no reports which suggests that Apple plans to add touch-screen capabilities to MacBooks anytime soon. Now the question is whether there is a competitive market for MacBooks with touch-capabilities as well as Apple Pencil considering Apple’s iPad Pro is more powerful than ever. It is very heartening to see that Apple has a plan of Apple Pencil-bearing MacBook.